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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello World!

Hello, everyone!  Well, here I go.  I'm starting this blog to record my crazy busy life with my husband, Richard and my two beautiful daughters, Abby and Brie whom are 4 and 2 respectfully. 

Let's just start off with some history:
  • May 1998-Donna starts career at 28 years of age as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent
  • June 2002-Donna transfers to a different federal law enforcement agency and moves
  • Dec. 2004-Donna meet Richard from Match.com
  • June 2005-Donna and Richard are crazy in love and get married

  • Jan 2006-Richard gets activated in Navy Seabees and leaves for war
  • Nov 2007-Veteran's Day Weekend-Richard and Donna meet up in Las Vegas for his 72 hour liberty
  • Dec 2007-Donna find's out she's pregnant (You got it!  The November hookup)
  • Aug 2008-Richard barely gets home from war to be at Abby's birth (another crazy story!)
  • October 2008-Richard finds out employer didn't keep his job like he was legally obligated to.
  • April 2009-Richard finally gets another job but it's a crazy commute
  • Jan 2010-Donna realizes she's pregnant again (oh, boy...no, wait it's another girl!)
  • October 2010-Brianna blesses us with her presence (16 hours after being induced!)
  • August 2012-Richard gets laid off (here we go again...)
  • September 2012-Donna signs up for AVON as an Independent Sales Representative while working full time as a federal law enforcement officer (okaaaay....)
  • October 2012-Richard gets accepted as a Junior to UNT for the spring term in case he can't get another job.  YAY! (I'd love for him to get his degree...new GI Bill will pay for it too!)
...and here is where we are...

I figured that the rest of the world would love to here about our crazy life...So here it goes...I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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