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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why am I successful at AVON?

People have started asking me how I've become so successful at AVON in such a short time.  I find it fascinating that representatives that have been doing this for years are even starting to ask me this. So, after so many inquiries I decided to ask myself some questions. Am I successful?  What does that actually mean? I just started this so how am I successful?

First, before I attempt to answer that question I need to share some background information. My husband and I have only been Avon representatives for 5 months.  I signed up online at an impulse early one morning prior to going to work.  I did this thinking that Avon would help me pay for a few extra things in our tight budget such as dancing lessons and swim lessons for our two small children under the age of 5.My husband had been laid off a month earlier and I didn't want the girls to have to give those fun things up.

I immediately jumped into it.  I started researching everything I could on how to be successful with AVON.  Taking ideas and applying what I thought would work for me. I read everything I could find in e-books no matter how stupid the e-books looked.  They actually had some common sense and good ideas in them if you looked hard enough.  I searched the internet constantly.  I still do today.  I still read everything I can find on multilevel marketing and how to sell products.  You see, you have to put in the time to gain the knowledge to be successful.  However, you can't stop there.  You have to apply yourself with that knowledge.

I started this blog.  I had no idea how to make a blog.  I took the chance and did it anyway and learned as I did it.  That's how I believe people become successful.  They take the chances many people don't take.  What did I have to loose by creating a blog?  It didn't cost me anything but time.  I have a very tight schedule but a few minutes a day is all it has taken.

I figured out by researching how to post things on Pinterest, Facebook and Craigslist without seeming overbearing.  I figured out how to register my business on the search engines and how to have the search engines pick up my posts on my blog.  I figured out that internet sales are what was going to really get the business going so I started advertising online too.

I am still learning the business and researching how to apply myself even more to have it grow.  I talk to everyone in some way about Avon.  I work it into the conversation.  I don't just run them over with it.

My husband decided only a week after I signed up that the Avon opportunity had great potential.  We decided right there that we were going to treat it like a business and succeed.  We actually changed our purpose of the Avon business and invested the time and money into it for it to succeed.  We have just recently after 4 months seen the business start to support itself and where we can actually pay ourselves for the hard work.

I guess we are on the path to success and are more successful than most. We have our own idea of success. I'd like to retire from federal service in 7 years and have Avon replace that income and actually have it making more.  My husband is now finishing his BS with the GI Bill.  He'll finish in 2 years, so we'd like for Avon to be his full-time job and replace his income that he may have with an employer.  We have goals and dreams like anyone else.  We just want Avon to be the way we get there.

I think the mistake some people make is that they first don't get outside of their own social network.  The second is they expect instant payout.  They take any money in earnings they have and pocket it.  Nothing is going back into the business and they are stunting any growth potential it may have.  They also may be their own best customer.  We were the first couple of months.  I went crazy buying everything I could.  I had to pay the business that money and realized that it was crazy.  Now I buy only the essentials that I need to save money from buying it at the regular stores.  Avon products cycle in deep sales.  So now that I know the business a little better I buy the products when they're on a super deep sale for myself.  I don't buy products to keep an inventory no matter how good the deal.  That's gambling.  I may or may not have a customer buy that product.  Besides, between my traditional and online sales I'm getting 45-50% earnings on all my full-earnings products anyway.  So, I just wait for the customer to buy it themselves.

Everything that I have read with very successful representatives that work the business the traditional way without any internet interaction has the same pattern. They either lose money or make very little the first year in business.  That's because they look at it as an investment and then find every way possible to reach new people about Avon.  People don't give it enough time to work either.  They give up after just a few campaigns and don't expand their network.

The old saying that you get out of it as much as you put into it is so very true in this business.  It won't be handed to you on a silver platter people.  You have to work for it.  But my husband and I agree that the opportunity with Avon is a great one.  We are looking forward to seeing what our first full year with Avon will bring us after next December.

Last campaign we had a traditional order of almost $500 (including our business tools and books) and an online sales over $1500.  We had sales at almost $2000 in a two week time period.  That is amazing to me considering most reps in our district that have been doing this for over a decade don't sell that much in a single campaign.  So, I finally ask myself how are we successful at Avon?  We work hard everyday to strive for our business to grow.

My husband and I qualified as unit leaders during that last campaign as well.  So, I'll start posting our earnings reports on this blog so people can see our progressive growth earnings with Avon.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Madrid, Spain

Here are some souvenirs from Madrid, Spain.

Santa Lucia Hill, Santiago, Chile

Here some photos from some free time I had on a business trip to Santiago, Chile. They are from Santa Lucia Hill where the first fortress was built on a hill in the heart of the city. This is a beautiful country! I loved the people as well. The fact that you had to pay to use the restroom in a public park was not very amusing, however.