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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Become Organized: One of the Key Steps to Discovering Success by Guy Ludig

Organization is a problem that many have and want to fix.
But if you want to increase your pride and see success, you need to do more than just say "I want to get organized," you need to make it happen.

So how you do transform your resolution from a goal into a reality?

There are 6 key steps to getting organized.

1: Determine what areas you want to organize.

You are more likely to see success when you have a guide to follow. Start by determining which areas of your life you want to organize.

Do you want to de-clutter your bedroom - clean out your car -or organize your office?

2: Create a to-do list.

Creating A to-do list will increase your chances of success. Having a guide to follow is important.
To make your to-do list -- Write down each area of your home you want to clean, as well as your car, office, garage, pool house, and so forth.

3: Create a plan of action.

The first step in becoming organized is to rid yourself of clutter.
You need to find an appropriate place for items.
For example, eliminate that stack of files on your office desk by purchasing a filing cabinet.
4: Expand your to-do list.

You should create a bunch of headings for your to-do list. For example, your child's bedroom or playroom.
Before setting foot inside the room to clean and organize - know what you need to do. This keeps a project that should only take two days from turning into a two-week project.
Your detailed list can include sorting your child's clothes and donating those that no longer fit - collecting old toys to sell or donate - and so forth.

5: Take it one step at a time.

Being organized is a huge but important task. If you want to organize and de-clutter your entire home, it could take you months. If you try to rush the process, you will get overwhelmed and see poor results.
Start with one room and work your way out. Cross each task from your 'to do' list as you finish.

6: Share your goals with others.

Organizing and remaining organized is not something that can be done alone. Share
the experience with others -- and share a few tips on how they can help.

For example, is your husband known for tossing mail off to the side? Buy a desktop sorter and encourage him to use it. Do you have a small child? They are never too young to learn about cleaning up their toys or helping in the process.

Guy Ludig

About the author:

Guy Ludig is a former editor and publisher of a weekly magazine. He is now operating a marketing, communication and event management company.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Waterproofing Your Bathroom Is More Important Than Most Realize by Kasey Riggs

Just bought a house? Congratulations! You're stepping into the big, beautiful world of real estate. There are a lot more decisions to be made than just which curtains should be hung up in the living room and which color would look best on the walls. Just as you're going to have fun with decorating, you're also going to have "fun" with maintaining the house. There are going to be parts of the maintenance process that are absolutely annoying, but that doesn't mean that you aren't going to be able to step back and appreciate how everything comes together. Whether you realize it or not, you have to take care of the property in order to help it grow over time. You can always tell a house that hasn't been maintained properly. Even if the outside looks nice, there are hidden signs that there may be more lurking underneath the surface than meets the eye.
Image courtesy of Mr. Lightman/Free Digital Photos.net

What about your bathroom? Your bathroom is a place where moisture can run wild and turn into a big variety of problems -- namely, mold and mildew. Mold is something that directly threatens your family's health, so it really does make sense to knock out mold as soon as possible.

The best way to treat mold is to honestly make sure that you aren't getting it in the first place. This is generally done through waterproofing the bathroom so that you cut off all of the little cracks that mold can get into. If you haven't guessed by now, mold is very opportunistic when it has dark, moist spaces to grow in. The mold will spiral out of control quickly, choosing to grow as much as possible until it's killed off. This is a costly process that can take longer than expected. The bottom line cannot be stressed enough: waterproofing your bathroom really is the first line of defense against mold.

Now, at first glance, this might sound like the world's toughest project, and you don't want to take care of it. There's nothing that says every homeowner has to handle all of the maintenance on their home by themselves. That would just be downright exhausting. It actually makes a lot more sense to think about getting waterproofing done by a trained team of professionals. Not only will they make sure that the job is done right the first time, but they're also going to be willing to fix any and all work that goes awry. If it's their fault, they'll take care of it for you.

This is going to be a task for a company that's truly an asset to the area. You want to try to find the most established companies in the marketplace. Ask plenty of questions to get a good idea of what they actually bring to the table in terms of value. You have to step back and be able to ask -- and answer -- a very simple question: is this company going to be able to deliver what I need in a reasonable fashion? If the answer is yes, then you can move forward with them. But if the answer is no, then you're better off looking elsewhere.

Overall, now is the perfect time to talk to a contractor about waterproofing the bathrooms in your home. You'll truly be glad that you did!

About the Author:

Getting ready to get bathroom waterproofing? You're definitely on the right track! Ready to take the next step? Just check this site out.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finding a suitable acne treatment by Kelly Grace

Acne brings that feeling of embarrassment and low self esteem within a
person irrespective of their age groups. Although the acne may leave
small marks but still that much is enough to invoke a feeling of self
consciousness when a person steps out. Even if others wont talk about
the acne on your face but still you need to get rid of acne for
professional reasons and to enhance the physical appearance. To get
rid of the acne from face one should turn to popular acne treatments. 

1. Acne removal creams: Most of the people rely on creams to get rid
of those acne marks that pop up on the face. All the cosmetic
companies sell the acne removal creams with the promise that applying
them once, twice or thrice a day will bring the results. But before
trying on any acne removal creams it will be better to judge your skin
type. Mostly these Acne removal creams give good effects depending on
ones skin type and body type. Don't stick to one cream only if it is
incapable of bringing the desired effect on your skin instead try
different creams which suits your skin and which you feel can bring
the good effects. If you feel the acne removal creams are not bringing
any desired effects then search for other methods of treatment. 

2. Acne removal lotions: People may find some interesting acne
removal lotions on shelf which are expensive. Although all the
cosmetic companies produce such lotions but the method of application
may be different. Some lotions are to be sprayed on the skin then they
are to be scrubbed off using some some cloth or rinsed off. These
lotions are very expensive ones. So before investing on such acne
removal lotions think of the expenses and the outcomes because most of
the times it is found that such treatments are not that effective. 

3. Acne shots:Other than this acne removal creams and lotions some
people also rely on acne shots. These shots generally dry out the skin
around the scars where they are injected. But this is not free from
side effects as the acne may disappear but it will leave the dry skin
around.  Acne will disappear almost immediately, but not before
peeling off the skin in your entire body. As long as you don't apply
the moisturizer all over skin regularly there are chances of skin
being peeled . 

4. Blue light acne treatment - It has been found that more acne
affected people are now relying on Blue light acne treatment is a
breakthrough . Blue light acne treatment may be alternative to those
patients who have lost hopes of erasing the acne scars after trying
many other traditional therapies. The process is explained as below "
Blue Light gets at the core of what causes acne eruptions: P. acne,
the bacterial responsible for causing acne inflammation, pumps out
tiny molecules called porphyrins.  

When those porphyrin are exposed to certain wavelengths of light,
they produce free radicals that kill the bacteria. Without P. acne
around to cause inflammation, acne clears up". It has been found that
skin heals up fast when exposed to red light so the effective acne
treatment is the combination of blue and red lights. The advantage of
this Blue light acne treatment is that it is 100% natural and non-
invasive. It is drug free with no adverse effects. 

5. Acne laser skin treatment: Many people also go for laser
treatments. There are many types of Acne Laser skin treatments-  

Non ablative Lasers: This type of acne laser treatment can reduce the
wrinkles and tighten the underlying skin. 

Carbon dioxide lasers: They can shot bursts of energy to skin which
will remove the damaged tissues layer by layer. 

Erbium laser treatment: This acne laser treatment  is used by the
people with shallow to moderate rashes on skin. 

Although more and more people are nowadays preferring to laser
treatments for erasing the acne scars but even such treatments are not
free from their share of side effects. Skin discoloration, skin 
crusting and swelling of the affected areas are some of the side
effects observed in this area.  

Hopefully you may be attracted to one of this treatments but simply
choosing a mode of treatment is not the important thing but choosing
the mode of treatment to which you can make the commitment is more
important thing. Treatments only work when one can stick to them or
commit to them. Pros and cons of every treatment should be analysed
with caution before committing towards it. 

Kelly Grace is part time beautician who has been writing skin care tips for various newspapers and magazines since last 20 years. For more Skin care tips please visit www.skincare-help.com.



Friday, September 20, 2013

Skin is Affected by Lack of Sleep

Did you know that not getting enough sleep not only has negative results on your body, but it also affects your skin in many ways.
Our bodies need sleep and this is essential for good health. When we sleep, this gives our bodies time to restore energy and rebuild body tissue and cells including skin tissue and cells.
There are several adverse effects on our bodies from lack of sleep. Some of these include tiredness, being cranky and being unable to focus our minds and concentrate on our daily tasks. Short term lack of sleep causes little physical harm, but when it occurs on a long term basis, it can lead to serious health problems and it can also damage your skin.
When our bodies get at least 8 hours of sleep, it not only benefits our health, it also brings benefits to our skin. One of these benefits is that it improves the texture of the skin and it gives your skin a new glow.
During sleep, our skin is being renewed and restored. This takes away some of the stress and harmful effects that we have obtained from daily living. By not getting a sufficient amount of sleep, we are robbing our bodies of it’s natural process for self-renewal.
It is a proven fact that if we do not get enough sleep, our overall health will be affected including the health of our skin. One of the most noticeable effects on our skin from lack of sleep is the area beneath our eyes. This area of our eyes is one of the most delicate areas on our bodies and the skin here is much thinner then other areas of skin.
The adverse affects from not sleeping on your eyes include dark circles, puffy eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles. There are some specialized skin care products and treatments available that can help with some of these problems, but that can also be expensive and time consuming.
The best thing that you can do is prevent this from happening in the first place. As I said earlier, there are products that will help, but they will not be a complete cure.
We have always heard that adults need at least 8 hours of sleep, but as we all know, some of us can survive on 6 or 7 hours rest. Eventually, lack of sleep will show on your body, especially the older you get.
There are many things that can prevent you from getting the proper amount of sleep. One thing is the heavy workload that you have to deal and all the stress that you have in your life.
You may have special need kids who need care during the night hours or your teen kids may be coming home late at night and waking you up. Some of us may have our aging parents living with us who have to get up during the night and this breaks our rest. These are just a few of the factors that may contribute to your lack of sleep. The sad part is that there is really nothing that we can do to eliminate a lot of these situations.

Author name:
Brent Cullen
Author info :
I am a 53 year old retired mill worker from Northern Maine. I am happily married with 3 wonderful boys. My main interests are my family and God.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Tips by Amit Kapoor

In the age of smart phones, mobile sites have become an upcoming trend. Users across the globe are concentrating on using the mobile sites for accessing the social media websites. Today all prominent social networking websites have created and customised their mobile sites and have seen a dramatic increase in the revenue generated.
Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, all are making substantial modifications to satisfy the thousands of users who are logging in on a daily basis using their smartphones. It thus goes without saying that it will be beneficial for brand to establish their sites and use them appropriately to market their product. A few of the brands have been instrumental in creating effective mobile sites and are able to garner huge profits as well. Tips for better marketing are;
1. Customise the pages of your mobile site- Of course, there is a significant difference in the way a page appears on the phone and the way it appears on the computer, laptop and tablets. There is a very clear need of implementing the and modifying the website pages in a way that they can be properly visible, fit within the resolution limits of the smartphone and direct a user to the correct links. Customising the site will generate a further liking for the product as not all brands provide mobile site facility as of now. As explained earlier there is a sudden growth of the mobile marketing industry, even the brand̢۪s official Facebook, twitter pages are being customised nowadays to suit the needs of users. Both mobile compatible websites and the social media presence matter a lot for a full proof marketing strategy of the brand.
2. Mobile Searches- This marketing industry is new and not many players have ventured deep into it. Searching on phones differ from that of a computer or a laptop. As such the websites as well as other content is to be marketed well using effective tools in order to optimise the search. Putting valuable codes and html settings along with certain alterations in the mobile search engines will prove to be beneficial to the brand.
3. Checkins- The entire concept of checkins is very luring for some of the brands. It acts as a good marketing tools, increases awareness of product/service and also provides with back links. Checkins through mobile is very famous for platforms like Facebook
4. Notifications- The concept of receiving notifications is an old one specially in case of all social networking websites. Users tend to rely largely on notifications for any kind of activity that takes place on that particular website in lieu of the user̢۪s account. Notifications increase the credibility of the account and also add to the relevancy factor of the website. Websites when show notifications about the latest happenings, about the messages from the brand or from any other user, increases faith of users in the site and correspondingly the brand. So as to, any kind of interaction that takes place on the phone web is easily tracked and assessed once the user is notified about it.

About the Author

SocialAppsHQ is an All-in-One social media marketing and Social media monitoring platform that allows our customers to Listen & Monitor for any keyword across the web, Engage via Post Planner and run super viral campaigns using our largest Facebook App store on planet. Over a million businesses depend on SocialAppsHQ to run their social media marketing campaigns

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AVON Earnings Update

Below is our earnings update for leadership only.  This is for Campaign 19.  We had 54 1st generation representatives and one 2nd generation representative. These earnings do not include incentives, bonuses nor our sales earnings.
C-19 Earnings Statement for Leadership/54 1st gen & one 2nd gen