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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Tips by Amit Kapoor

In the age of smart phones, mobile sites have become an upcoming trend. Users across the globe are concentrating on using the mobile sites for accessing the social media websites. Today all prominent social networking websites have created and customised their mobile sites and have seen a dramatic increase in the revenue generated.
Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, all are making substantial modifications to satisfy the thousands of users who are logging in on a daily basis using their smartphones. It thus goes without saying that it will be beneficial for brand to establish their sites and use them appropriately to market their product. A few of the brands have been instrumental in creating effective mobile sites and are able to garner huge profits as well. Tips for better marketing are;
1. Customise the pages of your mobile site- Of course, there is a significant difference in the way a page appears on the phone and the way it appears on the computer, laptop and tablets. There is a very clear need of implementing the and modifying the website pages in a way that they can be properly visible, fit within the resolution limits of the smartphone and direct a user to the correct links. Customising the site will generate a further liking for the product as not all brands provide mobile site facility as of now. As explained earlier there is a sudden growth of the mobile marketing industry, even the brand̢۪s official Facebook, twitter pages are being customised nowadays to suit the needs of users. Both mobile compatible websites and the social media presence matter a lot for a full proof marketing strategy of the brand.
2. Mobile Searches- This marketing industry is new and not many players have ventured deep into it. Searching on phones differ from that of a computer or a laptop. As such the websites as well as other content is to be marketed well using effective tools in order to optimise the search. Putting valuable codes and html settings along with certain alterations in the mobile search engines will prove to be beneficial to the brand.
3. Checkins- The entire concept of checkins is very luring for some of the brands. It acts as a good marketing tools, increases awareness of product/service and also provides with back links. Checkins through mobile is very famous for platforms like Facebook
4. Notifications- The concept of receiving notifications is an old one specially in case of all social networking websites. Users tend to rely largely on notifications for any kind of activity that takes place on that particular website in lieu of the user̢۪s account. Notifications increase the credibility of the account and also add to the relevancy factor of the website. Websites when show notifications about the latest happenings, about the messages from the brand or from any other user, increases faith of users in the site and correspondingly the brand. So as to, any kind of interaction that takes place on the phone web is easily tracked and assessed once the user is notified about it.

About the Author

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