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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fresh Water Pearl Sets


Curves Products at AVON!

Curves Line! Check it out at my store!
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Virtual Makeover Tool

This a great makeover tool! The new way to try before you buy!

Jumbo Wooden Train!

Look at this great wooden block train that even rolls! Santa found it at Costco this year! Cost? I think Santa might have paid under $20 for it! Both girls 2 and 4 just play and play with it! I love the building blocks! It really is a great toy!

Sleep Deprived!

Ugh! Just came back last night from another work session. Left for work at 1300 on Friday and just got home Sunday night at 2000. I was able to get about 8 hours of broken sleep during this session this time. Yes, this was for my law enforcement job and I'm totally exhausted again. However, with a two year old and a four year old at home there is no time to "catch up" so to speak.
I was able to crash around 2200 last night after re-connecting briefly with my husband and two small girls. Of course I woke up at 2:30am because my clock is so out of wack. What does that mean? Ahem, waking my husband and lalalalala. Thought that would get me back to sleep...nope! Okay, husband did, but not moi. I ended up going and getting my iPad and looking up new hairstyles to chop it all off for the new year (refer to previous post). 2 year old came a waddling to our bed at 6am. DAY MUST START!
So, here I am again starting a new year after over a decade of job sleep deprivation (additional lack of sleep from two small additions) and obligations to keep me from sleeping, lol.
1) Blog, social media and AVON site updates(now)
2) Childcare Drop Off
3) Haircut
4) Bank Run
5) AVON Paperwork
6) New Year's Eve Prep,
7) Childcare Pick Up (prior to 1500 due to early closure)
8) Liquor Store Run (probably should do that prior to getting the kids)
9) Food Prep
10) Kid Prep
11) Go to the Murphys Home! BRING IN THE NEW YEAR!!!! Try to sleep in tomorrow..... With a toddler and preschooler? RIGHT!

First AVON Bonus Check

This is our first AVON bonus check for recruitment in our new leadership role! One of the 10 ways to earn money with AVON! To learn more about the AVON Opportunity click on our AVON opportunity links on the right side of our blog page! www.djdarrah.blogspot.com

Chopping it all off!

Okay, I'm getting rid of the hair! I'll be welcoming in 2013 with a new do tonight! We'll see what our close friends the Murphy's think tonight at their place!
I'll be going to a salon today and chopping it off. I want to get something similar to the picture below. I'll be posting a before and after cut after it's all done. I'm excited!
I've had nothing but hair issues since 2008 after having Abby (1st child)at the age of 38! My entire life I've had straight hair until after having her. Now it's frizzy in the back and straight as a board in the front. I've tried everything. The only thing that has worked decently is AVON's Advantage Techniques Shampoo and Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil in combination with the AVON Moroccan Argan Oil after on damp hair. Oh, and lots of time with a straight iron...
I've come to the conclusion it would just be a better life for everyone in our household if I just changed my style to a short cut with it VERY short in the back to avoid the frizz!
I'll post the before and after pics later today! Stay tuned!Here is the look that I'm aiming for!

Well, My hair was a monster at the salon...ugh! It wanted to stick straight out at the sides! I have such thick hair that she had to thin it forever! I decided to shorten the sides more and leave the top longer than the goal photo. I'll work with it a couple of days and she'll layer up the top more if I decide to do it. Happy New Year everyone!
Here's one from from 01/04/13!

Live by Your Own Rules

Live by Your Own Rules: "Viva is fresh and unexpected. A sexy daring blend of notes that brings out the duality of a woman. The Viva woman is powerful, yet seductive. She lives life by her own rules."
- Fergie
Fergie is the lead vocalist of the world-renowned music group, the Black Eyed Peas, and a multi-platinum solo artist.
Click on the link above to view her comments! (You will need a flash player capability for this)
This is a new fragrance available through AVON! A sexy contradiction of captivating cool herbs spiked with fresh lavender and intriguing vetiver.  Contact me at www.youravon.com/donnadarrah for more information!

Live by Your Own Rules

Friday, December 28, 2012

ANEW Review

I have been using a department store 3 step skin regimen faithfully since I was in my late teens at college. It's been expensive and well now that I'm in my forties my skin has changed. I'm takng the plunge into the AVON's ANEW Reversalist product line!
The above picture is actually the starter system.

I started my Avon Anew Reversalist regimen with the basics: Renewal Foaming Cleanser, Renewal Serum, Illuminating Eye System, Day Renewal Cream SPF 25 in the morning and Night Renewal Cream at nightday. I started on Monday, December 17, 2012. I decided to go all out and add to it the Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel every other night and the Clinical Eye Lift Pro at night on day 2.

I have had problems since my last pregnancy in 2010 with a skin condition called rosacea. It kind of looks like acne but isn't. I've been on metro-gel and an anti-biotic since 2011 with some improvement but it just wasn't clearing up. Within a day of using the Avon reversalist regimen the redness started to go away! I was really impressed so I tried the Clinical peel every other day at night right after the cleanser. Ok, I'm seriously impressed. My face redness from the rosacea has disappeared and the acne like blisters are clearing up! Not only that but my face is softer! My husband loves touching it so much he is actually driving me nuts! However, I do secretly love the extra attention.

Oh and ladies....my monthly visitor came and went without so much as a single breakout! Yeah!

I actually started on day 2 using the Clinical Eye Lift in place of the Illuminating Eye System in the evenings. I chose this product because I've noticed some drooping of my upper lid/brow area. I am surprised how fast the products actually work. My right upper eye area is worse than my left but I can visibly tell the difference! Within a week my bags and dark circles were gone and my upper eye/brow area looks younger and lifted without the surgery. I'm sure with continued use on this problem area I will keep seeing improvement.

The Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid is on sale in the current campaign 2 brochure for $24.99. (reg. price $38) I'm purchasing this to use as my 2nd step. I will replace the Renewal Serum with this and see if it works even better on the rosacea issue. I will start using it on January 12th, 2013. The brochure states this product is "79% effective as a professional microdermabrasion--without the same irritation.*"

"*Based on a clinical study vs. three professional microdermabrasion treatments over 12 weeks."

I am just amazed at all the different products that AVON offers within their ANEW Skincare line. I wish I had discovered them 25 years ago. AVON always has their products on sale every few weeks and they're evidently good products that work!

I'll keep everyone updated!