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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AVON Glimmersticks Review

I have been using the AVON Glimmersticks Chrome Ultra Violet for about 3 weeks now.  I have to say that I absolutely love it!  OMG!  It is the best I have ever used so far. It doesn't fade or smudge.  It goes on smoothly and stays put. I work very long hours as a federal law enforcement officer under varying conditions and it looks great after I get off.

The product has a pearl finish with color-changing effect. It wears for 9 hours, is waterproof and smudgeproof.  (It's lasted past 10 hours for me!) It is retractable, self-sharpening and is .01 oz.

I have such sensitive skin and eyes that I usually can't wear makeup every day.  However, since switching to the AVON products (highly advised since I became an AVON Independent Sales Representative at the end of September) I haven't had a single eczema break out on my eyelids at all.  It's amazing to me.  I haven't had watery eyes except when I had a touch of a cold the other day.  When I did have watery eyes the product didn't run!  I am truly impressed.

I picked Ultra Violet due to having it as one of my favorite colors and the purple really makes my hazel eyes just stand out and pop. 

I'm going to try the waterproof Glimmersticks Blackest Black color this weekend.  I just got it in with my delivery today.  I'll see how it stands up on the Susan G. Komen 60 mile walk in 3 days that I'm participating in over in Dallas on November 2-4, 2012.  It is scheduled to rain at some point Saturday night or Sunday morning.  It will be interesting to see how it holds up under those conditions.  I'll be sure to update the blog and let everyone know.

I actually had a friend of mine come up to me at a mother's group that I belong to and state that she loved the Glimmersticks as well.  She had a co-worker tell her that her eye liner always looked great.  She inquired whether she had tattooed eye-liner (yes that is done in parts of our culture).  Wow, what a compliment.

I'm definitely going to try some of AVON's other long-lasting makeup.  I don't have the time to keep applying make-up continuously all day long.

I did try another eye liner called Kohl eye liner by Avon.  It is great for a smudged look and it is easily applied even on the inside of the lower lid (like we used to do in the 80's--it's coming back).  However, I travel a lot and the cap just doesn't stay on in my make-up bag.  I've had two ruin during my travels and just cover all my other products.  It was a real mess and the eye liner was toasted.  I liked the product but it just doesn't compare to the Glimmersticks.  I probably won't be buying the Kohl eye liner again anytime soon until they improve the packaging.

If you'd like to try the AVON Glimmersticks you can do so by visiting my official AVON store at www.youravon.com/donnadarrah or just simply click on the brochure at the top of my blog and it will take you there.  I currently have a free shipping special for the grand opening of my e-store for purchases of $10 or more.  Use code FIRSTREP10.  It is good for one time only.  I hope you enjoy the product as much as I have. 

I start trying out the ANEW Reversalist skincare line starting next Monday for a two week trial and review.  I'll be blogging about those products soon so stay tuned in!

Usually choose by age but it could differ depending on a person's skin type:
Rejuvenate (Blue) = 30's
Reversalist (Red) = 40's
Ultimate (Gold) = 50's
Platinum (Purple) = 60's

I'll also be trying the Anew Genics Treatment

Happy Halloween! Wait, Americans spend how much on candy?!

Happy Halloween! Wait, Americans spend how much on candy?!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

iPod Touch & Preschoolers, Argh!

Oh my, let's just start by saying that my husband got the bright idea to let my daughter finish watching her movie on the iPod touch last night while taking a bath.  Yes, I know what you're thinking.  However, to give him the benefit of the doubt, everything was fine because he had it across from the tub on the bathroom counter.  That is until he walked out of the bathroom for a brief minute.  She then got out of the tub and took the iPod in the tub with her so she could see it better.
Well, of course it slipped right into the tub with her and she panicked because she knew she couldn't get it wet and she wasn't to have it in the tub.  A minute later the situation was discovered due to a four year old panicking in a bathtub and mommy had to take over....

I had dad console 4 year old, took the iPod, turned it off immediately and placed it covered in a container of brown rice (that's the only rice we had.)  

You see, that was her very own iPod that mommy and daddy had engraved and given to her for Christmas last year.  (We really wanted our iPads back too!)  She was very proud because it represented that she was a big girl.  She was very upset.  

You have to understand something else.  My husband has no patience when he gets something in his head.  He's been impatiently waiting 24 hours to turn the device back on.  I wanted to leave it off for at least 72 hours.  I figure it is what it is....Nope, hubby has to turn it on tonight.  Great, everything worked on it.  Well, everything but the freaking sound.  The thing was stuck in headphone mode.  The ringer would work in settings but nothing else would unless headphones were actually plugged in.  

Mommy had to come to the rescue again because of course Richard can't let it go for another couple of days...I start searching everything on the internet.  Trying all the suggested methods like blowing out the headphone jack with compressed air, q-tip with alcohol, tissue, inserting headphones in and out really fast several times, sucking on the headphone jack, hard reset of the headphone jack, etc...We tried all but freezing the iPod and resetting it on iTunes to wipe the whole thing.  Then I came across a post about the iPod being confused.  It actually thinks that it's sitting in a dock and playing.  Well, what else could we lose right?
I went and dug out one of the free very soft bristled toothbrushes from my frequent airline travels.  I rubbed the charging slot gently for about 20 seconds with the toothbrush. 

Wallah, now it actually works!  Woohoo!!!! No, replacement needed.  ( I wouldn't have replaced that expensive thing for a pre-k age child anyways)

So, lessons learned are:
  1. NEVER let husband, iPods, children and baths gather together in one place
  2. NEVER let husband panic from impatience
  3. ALWAYS listen to mom because she will always find a calm solution and is ALWAYS right!  LOL
Disclaimer and note to husband:   I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH RICHARD!  Now let me go to bed please.  I have a P.T. test early in the morning for my job.

Hello World!

Hello, everyone!  Well, here I go.  I'm starting this blog to record my crazy busy life with my husband, Richard and my two beautiful daughters, Abby and Brie whom are 4 and 2 respectfully. 

Let's just start off with some history:
  • May 1998-Donna starts career at 28 years of age as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent
  • June 2002-Donna transfers to a different federal law enforcement agency and moves
  • Dec. 2004-Donna meet Richard from Match.com
  • June 2005-Donna and Richard are crazy in love and get married

  • Jan 2006-Richard gets activated in Navy Seabees and leaves for war
  • Nov 2007-Veteran's Day Weekend-Richard and Donna meet up in Las Vegas for his 72 hour liberty
  • Dec 2007-Donna find's out she's pregnant (You got it!  The November hookup)
  • Aug 2008-Richard barely gets home from war to be at Abby's birth (another crazy story!)
  • October 2008-Richard finds out employer didn't keep his job like he was legally obligated to.
  • April 2009-Richard finally gets another job but it's a crazy commute
  • Jan 2010-Donna realizes she's pregnant again (oh, boy...no, wait it's another girl!)
  • October 2010-Brianna blesses us with her presence (16 hours after being induced!)
  • August 2012-Richard gets laid off (here we go again...)
  • September 2012-Donna signs up for AVON as an Independent Sales Representative while working full time as a federal law enforcement officer (okaaaay....)
  • October 2012-Richard gets accepted as a Junior to UNT for the spring term in case he can't get another job.  YAY! (I'd love for him to get his degree...new GI Bill will pay for it too!)
...and here is where we are...

I figured that the rest of the world would love to here about our crazy life...So here it goes...I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.