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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Roasted Okra

This is a hit at our house!  I pre-heat the oven at 425 degrees. I line a pan with foil and spray it with pam. I slice our okra just like we were going to fry it.  In about 1/3" slices.  I put them in a bowl and sprinkle olive oil over them (just enough to coat the okra when stirred).  I then season the okra with whatever I'd like.  This time I used salt, pepper, garlic powder with parsley and onion powder.  However , you can use whatever seasoning you desire...cajun  is even really good too!  

I stir the okra to make sure is is coated with the mixture.  I put the okra on the pan in a single layer.  I added fresh cherry tomatoes from our garden in this photo.  (I simply put the cherry tomatoes in the bowl after putting the okra on the pan and coated them with the seasoned oil leftover then placed them throughout the pan.) 

I cook the okra for 10-15 minutes until some of the okra is crispy.

I think I'll try doing this on the grill next time with whole okra instead of sliced.  I'll post the results and update the blog post when I do.  

The photo is pre-cooked.  I couldn't get a photo of the finished product due to us eating it up so fast!  Enjoy the idea!  YUMMY!

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